The Association of Visual Art Higher Education Institutions from Central and Southern Europe was established in 2009 as a result of our institutions common will to promote young artists' creativity and innovation and to deepen the collaboration between our institutions. Its members are Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul; University of Arts Belgrade, Belgrade; Academy of Fine Arts from the University of Zagreb; Academy of Arts in Sarajevo from the University of Sarajevo; Cyril and Metodius University, Skopje; Academy of Fine and Design from the University of Ljubljana; Academy of Fine Arts from the University of Arts Tirana; Faculty of Fine Arts from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki; National Academy of Arts Sofia; National University of Arts Bucharest.

The first event Transform in Art Education was organized in 2009 in Istanbul, the 2nd in 2011 in Sofia and the 3rd in Thessaloniki.

The National University of Arts Bucharest is celebrating in 2014 its 150th anniversary. On the occasion a series of high profile events will be organized to mark the moment, one being the 4th Transform in Art Education exhibition and symposium. The decision to include Transform in Art Education as a part of the events organized in 2014 by the National University of Arts Bucharest and its partners gives a chance to the students to show their art in a professional setting, be recognized in the community for their creative achievements and shows the importance we give to our association.

>> Program of Transform - Bucharest 2014 (pdf file)