Founded 150 years ago by painter Theodor Aman, the National University of Arts in Bucharest is the largest establishment of artistic higher education in Romania, with over 1,400 students, covering all the major areas of artistic education and research. The University is a most dynamic institution of higher education in arts which is keeping pace with contemporary trends in art academic education and coping with their specific challenges. Our National University of Arts capacity for renewal has always taken into consideration the traditional local artistic education, which has been open to European influences from the very beginning.

In the course of time prestigious personalities were related to the history of the university either as teachers or students, such as Constantin Brancusi, Victor Brauner, Dimitrie Paciurea, Ioan Andreescu, Stefan Luchian, Ion Jalea, Nicolae Darascu, Corneliu Baba, Alexandru Ciucurencu or Paul Neagu, to remember just a few.

As the unique art institution for higher education in the capital city, with a well established national reputation, our university has the mission of creating the arts specialists of tomorrow, whether as professional artists or as theorists and experts, thus coping with the requirements of the contemporary Romanian society, on one hand, and with the demands of our European integration projects, on the other hand.

With a view to accomplishing these goals, our university has functioned at the highest academic standards, due to its excellent academic staff, represented by the elite of today's Romanian artists and theorists, who are enjoying national and international acknowledgement. Our university is well provided with every kind of facility that meant to improve and enhance the educational level of our students, such as: a library, its own publishing house and printing house, an arts gallery, a museum, a slides collection, its own students' hostel. Likewise, our modern technological facilities represented by numerous laboratories for various transposing techniques, photo-video, computers a.o. have been continually developed and updated.

The National University of Arts in Bucharest is structured on the basis of three faculties: the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, and the Faculty of Arts History and Theory. They consist of sixteen departments. The educational process is carried out on a three level basis, according to the provisions of the Bologna Treaty, i.e.: undergraduate studies (lasting three years), postgraduate studies (lasting two years), and doctoral studies (lasting three years).

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