Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, is founded in 1882 under the name of "Fine Art School" by Art Historian, Archeology, Museum Curator and Painter Osman Hamdi. Our university, that started education in March 1883, had been the first institution for art, design and architecture fields. The name of university has been changed to "Fine Arts Academy" in 1928, to "Mimar Sinan University" in 1982, and lately into "Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University"(2004).

Faculty of Fine Arts, which is one of the three faculties of this university, is education unit that provides four years practise with following departments: Department those accept students with qualifying examination; Department of Painting (1883), Department of Sculpture (1883), Department of Graphic Design (1927), Department of Ceramic and Glass Design (1930), Department of Traditional Turkish Arts (1936), Department of Textile and Fashion Design (1938); Department of Stage and Costume Design (1958), Department of Photography (1978), Department of Art Conservation and Restoration (2009) departments those accepts with a central examination (OSS), Department of Cinema -TV (1974) and Department of Basic Art Education which is as service department that gives courses to other faculty departments.

All deparments, in every stage of their education appraise orginality, practise of scientific methods, ability of analysis, timing, capability of material usage, expression and interpretation competency. The aim is to expose creativity potential of students and to ensure them to interpret our age with their ideas and feelings. At some departments vocational facilities are being provided and encouraged in professional firms.

Our faculty, being a part of a university having 130 years of heritage, continues the aim of education adequate to Contemporary Turkish Culture, art and design fields and according to the mission of Ataturk's contemporary civilization, rotates to educate skilled young professionals. With the active usage of EU Educational programs and international cooperations it is mainly aimed to develop and transfer the currency of information.

University website - www.msgsu.edu.tr/msu