Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO), member of the University of Ljubljana, was established in 1945, soon after the WWII by the artists, members of the Slovenian resistance movement, as the first Slovenian institution of higher education in fine arts. Since then many thousands of graduates, from the beginning in Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Restoration and Conservation, and since eighties in Video and New Media, Visual Communications, Industrial Design, Interactive Design, Photography, Applied Arts and Illustration, deeply influenced Slovenian art scene. Academy professors and students were involved in the establishment of the Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Arts in 1955 and initiated Ljubljana School of Graphic Arts, what made ALUO the most prominent Yugoslav art school, attractive also for students from Japan. In the sixties members of Conceptual Art movement were students at ALUO and in the eighties important impulses for the Slovenian Retro-Avant-Garde scene came from there. ALUO has a rich collection of more than twenty thousand student prints and other student works and it regularly participate in exhibitions in Slovenia and all-around Europe.

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