The Fine Arts School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in 1984 with the formation of the faculty of visual arts. Three more faculties eventually followed (faculty of musical studies, drama faculty and faculty of cinema) and today is the largest Fine Art School in Greece.

The number of entrants each year is around 90. The admission to the faculty is done through special admission exams that are held each September by the faculty itself.

The candidate must complete 2 to 4 drawings with pencil, coal or ink and one or 2 drawings with watercolor (aquarelle, acrylics, pastel or tempera) of the given still life.

The course of study of the faculty of visual arts is completed in 10 semesters, that is to say in 5 years. The faculty gives the chance to study in 3 directions, painting, sculpture and engraving. The direction of New Media is going to be established as a new direction. Digital photography, video and animation are only a tiny fraction of this direction.

Theoretical lessons have as a goal, not only to teach the art movements of the past, but also to broaden the students' horizons, in order to achieve a humanistic education. History of art is the main lesson in the faculty and includes the analysis and the theories of art movements from ancient times until today. In "history of architecture and theory of space" architectural styles and perception of space are studied from prehistory until our time. This effort is combined with the history of visual arts. In the same direction we have also the lesson "history of aesthetic theories" that analyzes the philosophical opinions about aesthetic from Plato to Aristotle until the modern movements and theories.

The faculty of visual arts has developed a number of Erasmus agreements and has participated in numerous projects with organizations in Greece and abroad. Our students have successfully attended and completed Masters programs all over the world. Also our students are active and participate regularly in exhibitions in various countries.

The art work the students produce range from painting, sculpture and engraving to video, photography, installations and performances. It is a common truth that there are no boarders among the different art disciplines and our students, realizing this fact, they move from one form of expression to the next. It is also very common for the professors and the Department as whole to encourage this practice.

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