University of Arts is the only public institution of higher education with artistic character in Albania, which offers University degree in Music, Fine Arts and Dramatic Arts founded in 1966, Higher Institute of Art brought together three artistic institutions: the State Conservatory of Tirana, the School of Fine Arts and Higher School of Actors "Alexander Moisi". In 1990, along with changes in the education system, Higher Institute of Arts was raised at the level of University and was named the "Academy of Arts". University of Arts was established on the basis of the Academy of Arts, while maintaining unchanged the structure of the Faculties, by DCM no. 234, dated 23.03.2011.

University of Arts consists on three faculties:

  • Faculty of Music
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Scenic Arts


Faculty of Visual Arts

Faculty of Visual Arts in Tirana was founded in 1959 and since that time this institution is committed to education of professional artists by professional artists and connoisseurs on history and theory of art.

Faculty is located in the Corpus of the University Buildings at "Mother Theresa" Square in Tirana's main boulevard. Within the school premises, staff, studios and equipment needed are divided into several rooms or ateliers, such as Year of General Basis, Graphics Design, Painting, Sculpture, Applied Painting, Multi Media, Ceramics, Textile and Fashion, Photography, Video, Computers. These ateliers have constructive and interactive relationships. Students are admitted to their chosen atelier so they have the opportunity to study in a qualified environment. At the same time teaching and the process that is followed, create spaces for cooperation with faculty, staff, and encourage teamwork and interaction between them.

Besides the arts studios, the equipment and laboratories the Gallery of the Faculty of Visual Arts (FAP) is a very important part of the school's program and activity . In this gallery get exposed not only the students work, but even that of other artists.

Library of Faculty is an important venue where students and staff not only receive information, but develop and research related to the educational process.

Faculty of Visual Arts in Tirana performs and encourages a process of study, preparation and practice of the art of teaching, which can be characterized as a researching, experimental, that does not admit what "at present is expected from it", being constantly active part in discussions and developments of contemporary art, home and abroad. The Students of the Faculty of Visual Arts in Tirana are admitted and attend the school program in the first year, not divided into specialties, but in what we call the Year of General Basis. In this course, where teaching in atelier is to be oriented in four main directions, students are together as in the practical process and also in studies of theory, art history, technical processes and workshops. At this stage they become familiar with key concepts of artistic creation.

At the beginning of the second year they choose the branch to specialize. This occurs during the first week of the second year, when through the interviews with the directors of the ateliers and files submitted, the students show their interests and skills. At this stage or second stage, students discover and make their choice in the direction that will follow.

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