The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb was founded in June, 1907, as Royal National Higher School of Arts and Crafts, with the constituent departments of Painting, Sculpture and Drawing for Teachers. The first professors were Robert Franges Mihanovic, Rudolf Valdec, Robert Auer, Oton Ivekovic, Bela Cikos Sesija, Menci Clement Crncic and Branko Senoa.

The first studios were built accordingly to Herman Bolle's designs and the building of the former National Maternity Hospital was adapted for the purpose of teaching. Nowadays, the Academy is situated in the considerably reconstructed building at the original location in the park in Ilica Street 85. The studies are also performed at the locations in Jabukovac 10, Zamenhoffova Street 14 and Zagorska Street 16. The Chair of Architecture, led by Drago Ibler, was constituted in 1926 and was active for a short period of time. The Department of Drawing for Teachers has grown into Department of Art Education. In 1956, Department of Graphic Arts, in 1997, Department of Art Restoration (nowadays Department of Art Restoration and Conservation) and, in 1998, Department of Animated Film (nowadays Department of Animated Film and New Media) were officially constituted.

Today, Academy numbers six departments - Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Animated film and New Media, Art Education, Art Restoration and Conservation - with 80 professors and more than 400 students on all three levels of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral). All of the study programmes are performed in the accordance with the provisions of the Bologna declaration.

Numerous renowned artists and scholars have been active at the Academy since its founding and the history of the Academy of Fine Arts is, to a great extent, the history of the Croatian XX. Century art.

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