TRANS-FORM is an exhibiting project aiming at contemporary visual art mediums in the framework of the educational space. Involving the geographical area of the Balkans, the project, which has run already for three years in several capital cities of the Balkanic countries, is hosted this year by the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

As the proposals appear in the exhibition catalogue, the internationalization of artistic expressions brings to common ground visual solutions, as we can see from the participants works. It is on the other hand, an attempt for us to bring in an exhibition space different languages and techniques, different identities, so that we have a relevant image of what is happening now in art schools from distinct cultural spaces, unified by the contemporary art forms of expression.

We are very pleased with this partnership and we hope to build a long-term cultural relationship.

Bucharest, June 2014

National University of Arts President,

Catalin Balescu